Yet more healthcare blogging

I was putting together another post on healthcare and costing - and somehow it morphed into three posts - one with some of the underlying data, one with what I intended to write about and made shorter and punchier, and one I think might be very important to a lot of people.

The one I intended to write was how cost effective the NHS is compared to the American model (we pay less in taxes for healthcare than Americans do).
The important one is PSA: Always haggle over hospital bills in America. The numbers are pretty stark. Hospitals expect to only be paid just over a quarter of the amount they charge. And this overcharging of course affects those with the least specialist knowledge of the field - in other words those who aren't paying insurance companies a large amount of money. In other words those who are most vulnerable.

I'almost didn't put this up

Because I thought it would be too nerdy - even by the standard of a blog that puts 50 links into blog posts regularly. But apparently people want to know how much things cost under the NHS - complete with some examples of American private medical bills compared with NHS costs. (About a factor of ten different in the bill examples that make it to the internet). It currently has almost ten times the hits of my previous biggest blog post.